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01 Mary Beaumont.mp3

Welcome to this valuable record of volunteering in the Borough of Nuneaton and Bedworth, the result of a two year project run by the Volunteer Centre.

26 individuals share their volunteering experiences in a diverse range of activities.

Mary Beaumont

02 Arlene Brindley.mp3

Arlene Brindley

03 Darrell Buckley.mp3

Darrell Buckley

Johanna Cole

John Burton

Joan Bunn

Adrian Cox

Alan Farnell

Tony Deeming

Carole Cross

04 Joan Bunn.mp3 05 John Burton.mp3 06 Johanna Cole.mp3 07 Adrian Cox.mp3 08 Carole Cross.mp3 09 Tony Deeming.mp3 10 Alan Farnell.mp3

Rita Gargrave

John Franks

Steve Fiddy

11 Steve Fiddy.mp3 12 John Franks.mp3 13 Rita Gargrave.mp3

Winifred Huntley

Loraine Hayley

Paul Gough

14 Paul Gough.mp3 15 Loraine Hayley.mp3 16 Winifred Huntley.mp3

James & Pamela Jackson

Lindsay Parker

Jesse Owen

Barbara Oakes

Geoff Mellor

17 James and Pamela Jackson.mp3 18 Geoff Mellor.mp3 19 Barbara Oakes.mp3 20 Jesse Owen.mp3 21 Lindsay Parker.mp3

Janet Shanks

Margaret Small

June Tandy

Arthur Wilson

22 Janet Shanks.mp3 23 Margaret Small.mp3 24 June Tandy.mp3 25 Arthur Wilson.mp3

John Young

Bulkington Community Library

26 John Young.mp3 27 Bulkington Community Library.mp3

The Bedworth Society

The Salvation Army

29 The Bedworth Society.mp3 30 The Salvation Army.mp3

Citizens Advice Bureau

28 Citizens Advice Bureau.mp3

Warwickshire Employment Rights

31 Warwickshire Employment Rights.mp3